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About Us

Throughout the process of helping my overweight, insulin resistant horse recover from a very grim case of Laminitis three years ago, I searched for a horse treat that contained no sugar, and I quickly learned that while many horse treats claim to be "healthy" most all are made with sweet feed, molasses, or corn syrup. 

As a result, I created Omega Naturals, an all-natural, organic horse treat which is completely SUGAR-FREE and low in starch providing a safe, nutritious treat for all horses.

I am dedicated to increasing awareness about the risks of feeding sugar ladened horse treats so that horse owners may avoid the potential consequences of equine obesity, insulin resistance, and Laminitis

Please visit the Animal Health Foundation
an organization established by my wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Donald Walsh DVM. The Animal Health Foundation's goal is to find the cause and educate horse owners to prevent laminitis.

A "Before" photo of Diablo in his obese, Laminitic condition.

The "After" photo of Diablo, completely recovered thanks 
to his zero-sugar, low starch diet and lots of exercise!

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